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Compositor 2.16

Compositor 2.16

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Compositor Publisher's Description

Compositor is Artly There's image editor and image to art creator. Compositor has a very full feature set. You can make images from scratch, or enhance your images in subtle ways, or remake them into wildly colored masterpieces with ease.

Tool Mode

Select Tools: Rectangle, Oval, Magic Wand, Lasso
Select Image Select Lights, Select Darks, Select MidTones, Select Grid (starting v2.10)
Brush,Motion Brush, Wet Media Brush, Airbrush, Pencil, Line Tool, Gradients
Crop Tool, Rotate Tool
Dodge, Burn Tools
Smear, Blur, Sharpen Tools
Stamp Tool
Deskew/Keystone Correction/Distort Tool
Clone Tool (aligned or non-aligned)
Fix-It Tool
Type Tool (render or use as mask for filters)
Magnify Tool, Zoom In, Zoom Out
Eraser, as block or brush
Dropper Color Picker
Hand (Move) Tool for quick scrolling
Popup Color Quick Picker on Toolbar (quite handy)

Palettes and Windows

Tool Palette
Actions Palette
Selections Palette
Quick Palette for Paste and Filters
Brush Control Palette (Save and Load sets)
Color Picker Palette, remembers your last 20 colors too
Zoom Window, auto anti-aliasing on pause (2X and 3X or more)
Info Palette
History (64 levels)
Snapshots (drag from one to another to blend instantly)

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